Ask away- I'm an open book! (HA!)

What kind of books do you write?

I'm a picture book author. That means everything I write is family-friendly, for readers aged 0-100 years. Kids aged 3-8 (and their parents) would have a special appreciation for the books I write.

As a reader and a mom, I like funny books, rhyming books, and those with bold illustrations. This personal taste often influences my writing.

Would I know any of your books? Where can I buy one?

Well, the publishing industry takes a long time, so none of my works are published yet. But stay tuned! My writing is a priority, and I'm doing everything I can to make my work available in print.

Do you illustrate your own books?

That's not always how it works, in children's publishing. Sometimes authors do illustrate their own work, but many times they don't. While I'm very well studied in the craft of writing picture books, I've only dabbled in art as a hobby. Picture book illustrators areĀ highly practiced and devoted to their art, and so in this case, I'm leaving it to the pros. Publishers get to dictate who the illustrator is for any given picture book manuscript, and there are plenty of very talented artists out there. One day, my words will be paired with lovingly crafted art...from someone else!